Intermediate Juniors


The focus of this class is to introduce students to the golf course while continuing to reinforce short game fundamentals. At the end of each 4-week session, students play a 6 hole tournament to assess their skills. Students who meet the target score earn star pins and/or hats.
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What Happens If I Can't Get My Child To Class
Please notify Steve Tanis 24 hours in advance to receive an excused absence. If you sign up for 4 classes, you will have weeks to attend all 4 classes. If you sign up for 12 classes, you will have 12 weeks to attend all 12 classes. You can make up classes on other days, provided I'm notified the day before and there is room in the desired make up class
How Do I Know If My Child Is Getting Better?
Every 4 weeks they will play a 6-hole "Hat Test". If they can shoot their target score, they will earn stars for their Hat or they will receive the next level Hat.
How Do I Sign Up?
All sign ups are online, making it easy, quick and reliable. Just click on the tab below and follow the prompts.
Does My Child Need Golf Clubs?
Yes, they will need their own set of golf clubs in order to go on the course.
What's Included In The Intermediate Class
An hour and a half of coaching. The reinforcement of the basic fundamentals of golf, as well as some time on the golf course.
What Does My Child Need?
Please have them bring a water bottle, sun block, and proper clothing for the current weather conditions. Golf shoes and gloves are not necessary.
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